Specialist Leaders of Education


Our Specialist Leaders of Education

Science - Rachael Stone

Rachael is an Assistant Principal leading on Science, NQT provision and Teaching & Learning at Shireland Collegiate Academy. As well as teaching in a variety of West Midlands schools, she has also taught overseas and therefore has experience across a variety of qualifications including GCSE, BTEC, A Level and IB.
As Head of Science, she has led a department that has consistently improved results and uptake at both GCSE and Key Stage 5. The department enters all KS4 students for at least two GCSE Sciences and regularly sees results that are above other like schools across the range of GCSE qualifications.
A passionate advocate of Science, Rachael has designed a Key Stage 3 curriculum that not only allows students to develop a passion for Science but also meets the needs of the individual through a variety of differentiated resources and assessment techniques; Science is consistently a popular option for our Year 9 students.
Rachael loves her SLE role in Science, seeing it as an exciting opportunity to work within the broader community and contribute to the continual development of the schools within it.

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