Specialist Leaders of Education


Our Specialist Leaders of Education

Assessment - Gemma Sadler

Gemma is the Examinations Director at Shireland Collegiate Academy and manages all aspects of internal and external assessment within the Academy. Gemma has a track record of improving examination procedures resulting in improved attendance at examinations, a reduction in the incidents of malpractice, increased rigour in the assessment process and full up-to-date application of all relevant JCQ regulations.
Gemma takes a holistic approach to her role, working with the SeNCO, Heads of Department and Quality Nominee to provide students with the best opportunity to demonstrate their learning through the summative process, breaking down any barriers they may face. Having held a range of responsibilities including Head of Mathematics, Advanced Skills Teacher, Assistant Principal and Director of Literacy for Life, Gemma strongly feels her role is student centred and as such creates an assessment structure which is much more collaborative.

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