Specialist Leaders of Education


Our Specialist Leaders of Education

Academies - Alan Crawford

Alan has led many of technological developments at Shireland Collegiate Academy and so is uniquely placed to give others advice and support. As a senior leader, he is experienced at working at a whole school level, as well as departmental.
Technology moves so quickly that if you do not challenge, motivate and or collaborate with staff there is the danger that others will leave you behind. Alan’s focus is on the use and development of technology within education, which is something that he also does for Microsoft across the country.
His motivation comes from allowing people to develop their knowledge and skills and thus succeed in their role and beyond, which is very similar to why he began teaching. This desire to share what he has done has helped many change their practices. One of the leadership strands that Alan is currently delivering at conferences and for school leaders is about the use of technology to drive efficiencies and opportunities.

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